Photographers Talitha, James, Cathy-lee and Azalia

Talitha – Photography has always been a part of my life, as I grew up around it and knew I wanted to be a photographer from a young age. I make travel a priority, seeing new places and experiencing different cultures opens my mind and inspires me to grow. Italian food, cheese and fine wine are my vices. For relaxation I love to lay back with my pooch Tigerlilly and read a good book with a cup of tea. Rainy weather feeds my soul, I crave the sound and smell. I have been working my way up the ranks in our business for the last 12 years and have been loving it more every year. I live for those moments when I know I have caught a truly wonderful instant in time.
Tigerlilly my mini Schnauzer is my baby, she grew up with a camera in her face, she now pulls poses whenever she see’s me with a camera. It can be difficult to explain to her that she can’t be in everyones family and portrait shoots.
I love having the opportunity to meet so many happy, in love couples. It’s truly an honour to be asked to document one of the most important days in a persons life. My main goal for your wedding day is to help you relax and really enjoy the whole experience, it’s a fleeting moment  and you want to have the best memories possible!

James – I was raised a coast kid, where I lived to surf and ride dirt bikes. This is still something I love to do every now and again, along with hitching up our camper van and taking off into the wide blue yonder with a bag FULL of camera equipment. My family tell me I am a people person and that I light up while interacting with everyone. Photography is something I have always been a part of, as my parents back in the black & white film photography days (I’m not that old… :D) ran a Professional Photography studio. I have always had a camera in hand and traveled the world in my 20’s taking trillions of images (driving my traveling buddies mad). There is nothing I like better than to connect with the people I photograph; I don’t think this is something that I will ever tire of, every new shoot brings with it new possibilities and creative moments.


Cathy-lee –  I adore being able to immerse myself in everything wedding. The past 25 years have flown by working in this uplifting, creative, fun industry; meeting people for the first time, to shooting their wedding, attending to the always ecstatic, stunning bride in any way I can, then capturing the delight on the grooms face and at times even a tear or two is such an honour and one I’ll never tire of. My creative side kicks in designing wedding albums, bringing a heap of smiles, ooh’s and ahhh’s reliving the celebrations.  My other passions are spending time with loved ones cooking & entertaining; playing with our many animals we love on our five acre property and of course traveling with my camera always in hand, oh what an adrenaline burst it gives me. It seems the more I photograph, the more imprinted on my mind the trip is. Bring on the next one please…. it’s pure bliss adventuring!



My initiation to photography began before I could even talk, being born into a family of photographers meant every step of my life was photographed. It was a natural progression for me to pick up a camera and meld into the family business, it’s something that comes naturally to me and I’m loving it! I’ve been dancing since I can remember so music has always been a big part of my life. Matching the perfect song to your wedding film and ensuring every beat is in sink with the stunning moments is very important to me. I love adventure. Traveling around countries like Thailand, New Zealand, Bali, Canada, America inspires me and fills me with life making me want to adventure in our own country Australia much more. My goal is to travel the whole world with the ones I love capturing the beautiful landscapes, wedding celebrations and intriguing moments unfolding, every step of the way.