Portrait Photography


Whooops, sorry for the disappearance of our portraiture section! We have a new web site that’s nearly ready to go up which is dedicated to showing lots of portrait sessions including engagement, baby bumps, new born and family events that we have loved photographing over the years.

We so enjoy catching you true to life. Spontaneous, fun, natural portrait photography is a passion for us. It is amazing to see how people unwind, relax and get into the whole shoot by half way through. Portrait Photography does not need to be a chore, something to dread! We encourage enjoying the surroundings you’re in ( forgetting the camera ) which enables you to relax, leading to happy easy going Portrait Photography. The kids are happy, parents not scowling ;~)

Artography has a 5 acre property with gardens to rival any place on earth!  Not quite the manicured lawns look tho – more the Monet style with rambling gardens, cottage style buildings, stables, babbling creek with lilly pads and more.  The children settle down nicely petting the inquisitive chickens, friendly pony, shy alpaca and Onyx the goat (who thinks he’s a dog), during Family Photography sessions, leaving parents to enjoy a romantic moment 🙂

If you have a large or extended family, you can get together and share the cost of the portrait photography session. It’s a great way to all have brilliant photo’s to give as presents and to keep on file or go that step further and print an album of that time in your lives.

If your interested to see some more portrait photography, grab your favourite drink and check out some of our varied shoots, showing you that portrait photography can and will be a relaxed, happy experience!

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