Choosing a Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer

Choosing a Sunshine Coast wedding photographer for your wedding photography to be everything you can image and more can be a very daunting task, just like choosing your wedding dress with so many styles to choose from or a wedding cake that can be elaborate to simple with any flavour at all these days. Perhaps you will choose cupcakes! Wedding flowers with their plethora of colours and scents and deciding to hire wedding cars or not is another challenge to excited couples. A wedding hairdresser and makeup artist is a must and the perfect wedding venues Sunshine Coast has to offer, like Maleny Manor, House of Laurels , Weddings at Tiffany’s  and Flaxton Gardens to name some of the best in the Hinterland … actually choosing nearly anything to do with your wedding can be a really enjoyable part of your engagement!

Engaged couples should contact a Sunshine Coast wedding photographer as soon as possible as they often are able to help you with the initial overall planning of your wedding – advising you, regarding the timing of your ceremony, so as to capture you in the best light … sunset images are spectacular. Also advising on the most stunning locations for your wedding photos, along with getting permission to use some areas like one tree hill for Maleny Weddings, and securing a permit to be married by the beach along the Sunshine Coast line or in a public park beside the ocean. Choosing a wedding photographer early in your planning process is also very important. Photographers for Sunshine Coast weddings can be booked out many months to a year or more ahead during popular wedding seasons like Spring and Autumn.  If that is the case for you already, consider having your wedding on a week day as most suppliers will be available.

Choosing the Sunshine Coast wedding photographer that will be best for you is actually quite straight-forward. It is the wedding photographer that:

1. You have a natural and easy rapport with; and just as importantly;

2. You have a ‘certain connection’ with their style of work.

To determine these two points when choosing a wedding photographer, simply view their Galleries or other examples of their work. Ensure you view many different weddings to decide if that style and feeling is what is best for you. Also if possible, view photos from the same or similar location and venue you are planning on. If the examples (and testimonials also) are wonderful to you, then meet/speak with the photographer discussing your date, requirements, ideas, etc. This will then allow you to find out if you have a natural and friendly rapport with the wedding photographer.

Taking the time to get these two points correct when choosing a Sunshine Coast wedding photographer will mean that your wedding photography will be as delightful as you were hoping it would be – from initial meeting and preparation right through to when the wedding photographer presents you with your finished package.

Also, recommendations from family, friends or work mates is always a great way to ensure you are making the right choice for your Sunshine Coast wedding. Recommendations from wedding reception venues or wedding celebrants or other wedding service professionals who know the Sunshine Coast wedding photographer well is also valuable. A internet search is the next best way to search for and find wedding photographers and other wedding specialists on the Sunshine Coast, or elsewhere.

Doing internet searches when choosing your photographer also enables you to find wedding ideas and information such as wedding vows, wedding dresses and decorations, wedding cakes, wedding cars and limousines, suit hire, wedding music and bands or DJ etc. If you are planning a destination wedding the internet is a vital tool to reach professional wedding photographers and other wedding services at your wedding destination. Most established, professional wedding photographers will have a website for you to browse. Look for photographers who present a good variety of their work so you can gain a feel for their style of wedding photography. Do they only show the ‘best of’ their work, or do they show lots of photos from lots of different weddings to really allow you to judge their wedding photography skills. What emotions are stirred as you view their wedding photos? Did they really capture the emotions, the romance and fun of the weddings they have photographed, or did they just take photos? All these points are vital to consider when choosing a Sunshine Coast wedding photographer.

Choosing a wedding photographer by their unique photography style and personality will enable you to have a wonderfully relaxed time with stunning, relaxed and romantic wedding photos to treasure for the rest of your life.

Sunshine Coast Wedding Photographer

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