Amy and Casey


Hi Talitha, James & Cathy-Lee,
Having a professional photographer is certainly a must for a wedding, well it was for us. It really captures all of the emotion that was felt and gives you memories that will last a lifetime and more.
We cannot believe our day has come and gone so quickly. A massive portion of our day involved taking photos (Some think of this as wasting time… NO NO NO…. This is so important to capture your friends and family enjoying the most happiest day of your life). Receiving our photos back was so so exciting. It literally took us 2 1/2 hours to get though all of the images, looking at each one and reminiscing the exact moment it was taken. Such an incredible feeling. Looking back now, we are so thankful and grateful that we chose such kind-hearted and skillful professionals to photograph our wedding. We really can not thank you enough!!!!  James, even before we came to see you (August 2014) we knew we would be booking Artography for our wedding. In saying that we thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Artography studio, and getting the chance to have a sit down, face to face, consultation with you. Everything that was discussed, was followed though with, all in all never making us feel like it was “too much”. Thank you very very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to see us that day. :)
The Day Of The Wedding – You kept your cool and you were so calm & collected. We can’t even remember you darting around us taking photos, you made us feel that comfortable.
We had seen you work previously and it was amazing. But we were completely blown away with the images taken of the boys before the ceremony. Those shots were AMAZING!!!!!
Having quite a large group (128 guests) of family & friends, our group photos seemed to take forever. We were unable to finish them all before the reception, but thankfully you were able to continue these during the reception to get everyone in. 🙂 This was very appreciated.
James, thank you so much. Talitha, where to start 🙂  Can we first say. WOW & THANK YOU!!!!!
We discussed with you if there was an option to have our wedding photos taken at Casey’s dads property in Kilcoy.
Unfortunately this was just too far away from Maleny Manor (our choice of venue) and we would not have enough time on the wedding day.
Your idea to have an Engagement Photo shoot (October 2014) was fantastic. Having images of us on his family’s property was very important to us, as it has been in the family for 4 generations. We can now look back on these and show our future children (and future children’s children) the property and history of our family. This photo shoot really helped us become more comfortable with you and allowed us to open up and be ourselves. Thank you very much for your time that day!!!!
Now for the wedding….. 🙂  You both arrived on time and brought your A game. :)
You made the planning process so easy, quick & simple. This must be because you are so chilled out, great to get along with & you kept us laughing with & at your witty humour.               “Photography wise” we didn’t try to do “too much”. We organized with you, one particular shot that we really wanted, and everything else was a bonus. This shot was our Jeep Wrangler doing a burn out behind us, on a dusty road. OMG!!!! the images are fantastic. We have had countless people comment on how great it looked, and that they want to do something similar for there wedding photos.
Thank you for being honest, kind hearted, professional & down right awesome to us. You are so incredibly talented and it really shines though your photographs. Probably what impressed us most was that everything we asked for was looked after, there were no “posed” or “set up” shots (they were all normal & so natural) & you captured us and our family/friends just being ourselves.
Talitha, thank you so much for everything.  Cathy-Lee, sadly & unfortunately you were not there on our wedding day, but we really wanted to thank you for all the work behind the scenes that you have done for us. We know that you put together our beautiful engagement photo-album for us and its fantastic. (This was the guest book at our wedding)
All of our guests commented on what a beautiful album it is, and it now sits on our coffee table at home, filled with the love & best wishes from all of our family and friends.Thank you for following up on our emails if Talitha was out of the office and your constant love and support was very appreciated.
Thank you Cathy-Lee
Choosing Artography was a really fantastic fit for us. We think it is because all of you are so kind hearted, easy going and really professional.
We really loved sharing the most important day of our lives with you, our day was complete having you there.
Thank you for posting the “sneak peak” images on Facebook for us. We had a huge number of friends and family who absolutely loved seeing them so soon after the wedding.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You are all so amazing.
 With all of our love
Amy & Casey Shallcross