Wedding Photography Prices


Of course we believe it’s a super good idea to hire a professional photographer!  If we don’t suit you luckily you have lots of professionals to choose from.

Take a look at our wedding photography prices above and information on choosing your photographer. You don’t want to be the couple who regrets getting a friend or relative to take some happy snaps. Professional photographers know what they are doing and will help make your day run smoothly, the outcome will be beautiful (in focus) images to treasure for all those years to come! We are there to help you relax and enjoy your wedding day, the photography doesn’t have to be a posed stilted ‘if I have to paste one more fake smile on my face my lips will crack off” affair! It will be fun and enjoyable and we will capture you as you really are. The random fun moments are often your favourite photos and those are the moments that we are ready to capture.
Sometimes your day won’t go as you planned, the weather can turn rainy or the wind may blow but remember that it will be what you make it. Some of the most amazing wedding shoots have been when the weather has been at it’s most dramatic, as long as you are willing to go with the flow it will be an amazing experience! I’m sure you have lots of planning still ahead so good luck and we hope to hear from you soon : )
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  1. Hello,
    I was just wondering how much i would be looking at for a couples shoot in montville or malaney. Chris and I got married in March and looking at a fun photo to start our new life and we are looking for a fun photographer to make the photo shoot fun and creative and even a trash the dress photoshoot looks fun (: . Thank you

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