Vanessa & Michaels Brisbane to Maleny Manor wedding day

Vanessa and Michael had an epic Brisbane to Maleny Manor wedding in rainy March. They had buses transport their 120 guests from Brisbane where the ceremony took place to Maleny Manor then at 11:30pm from Maleny Manor back to Brisbane where all the guests were staying. Organised transport = no need for sobar drivers = epic party with lots of dancing and harlem shakes! We drove into mist and rain, Maleny magic! These guys really took everything in their stride, rain, charging angry cows, dresses and shoes wet and covered in mud by the end of it all. We had so much fun with you all!

Photography by – Talitha & Chloe (+James from 8pm until the end)

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  1. It is great reminiscing about the fun we all had at our close friends big day. The photos look amazing and definitely sum up the day. The girls put up with us groomsmen thinking we are hilarious and were great fun on the day.

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